Day Rental Policies

As a guest in our space, we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs and make you feel welcome. We only ask that you follow the guidelines & policies below to ensure that we can keep everything running smoothly!


The studio is a professional space, and professional conduct is to be expected. The comfort and safety of all guests are top priorities, so we ask that you please disclose all details of your rental so we are prepared for whatever situation may arise. Illegal substances, explosives, loaded firearms and incendiary devices are strictly prohibited. Renters are fully responsible for their guests' actions and will be held accountable in the event of an incident.

Online booking is strictly for reserving photoshoots or video productions.
Sharing rental periods with other parties is prohibited without prior notice.

At least one Studio Apparatus representative will regularly be on-site, but you will generally be left uninterrupted during your reservation, and any privacy needed for more intimate sessions will be respected. In the unfortunate event that we feel our policies are violated, we reserve the right to expel your party and cancel your reservation.


The studio is well-equipped for all your production needs.

We are, however, often bustling with activity, changes and updates are common, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that all advertised amenities will always be available. If there's anything particular you require for your reservation, please let us know in advance so that we can ensure its availability. Please check our Instagram for our most recent updates on what we have available.

Accidents, Damages & Liability

Studio Apparatus LLC is a fully insured entity and is monitored by video surveillance.
While we do not require renters to have insurance, it is strongly recommended.

We understand that accidents happen, and that productions can often get messy.  We ask that you tidy up anything that can't easily be swept into the trash or mopped up so that we can be prepared for the next session. In the event of damages beyond normal wear & tear, theft, or excessive messiness, the renter will be held accountable and charged.

All rentals require a valid credit card on file for liability purposes. After assessing damages and notifying the renter of any claims, we reserve the right to charge the card on file for any fees needed to replace or repair damaged items, cleaning costs or deductibles paid.

Neither Studio Apparatus, any of its representatives, or ACVR Warehouse is liable for any bodily harm, or untimely demise that is occurred upon the renter or any of their guests within the space. You are using this facility and its amenities at your own risk.

Cancellation Policy

Test shoots can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 1 week before their reserved date with no penalty. This courtesy is determined by prior rental history, and we reserve the right to hold a deposit if this courtesy is abused. Within 1 week of the reservation, cancellations or rescheduling may be subject to a holding fee up to 50% of the rental fee for all rentals.

Productions (over 4 hours) can only be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of booking, or at least 4 weeks prior to the reserved date. After this point cancellations are subject to a 50% holding fee, but can still be rescheduled with a $50 fee up to 1 week before the reserved date.

Cancellations are no longer possible within 24 hours of the reservation on weekdays, or within 3 days on weekends. Any amounts paid will be non-refundable.

If any changes do need to be made, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

Additional Fees

  • Cleaning & wear costs:

    • $50 Fee for any necessary minor cleaning or repainting

    • Up to $200 fee for excessive cleaning and/or repainting

  • Capacity overages:

    • Test shoots that exceed 8 people will be charged at Production rates

    • $150 additional rate for high volume productions (30+ people)

  • Time overages:

    • $50 one-time fee for overtime into another reservation

    • $50 / additional hour

    • $75 / additional hour outside of business hours

Damages to equipment, props, furniture or the facility will be billed once an estimate has been conducted & after written notice has been given - up to a maximum of $500.

Media Consent

Studio Apparatus regularly shares media created within its facilities on social media and its website, often for promotional purposes - whether it is BTS or completed works from clients within the studio, always with proper credit. Studio Apparatus assumes the right to do so unless stated otherwise.

If the client or their representatives do not consent to Studio Apparatus sharing any of the media created on their set, through their website, social channels or otherwise, verbal or written notice must be given. If Studio Apparatus is not given notice, Studio Apparatus LLC or any if its associates or representatives are not liable for any usage fees, damages or loss of revenue occurred upon the client due to any shared media.

If notice is given after media is shared, Studio Apparatus will comply by removing the media in question without any further repercussions.